Monday, 28 May 2012

How to: galaxy nails

Things you will need! (or similar colours anyway, you don't need all of these or you can use more.. it's totally up to you!) 

I'm a massive fan of the galaxy print that's trending everywhere at the moment and I love it on nails! So I though I'd do a quick blog post on how I achieve mine, to make them look like that--->

You don't need to use ALL these colours, but I think that it looks better when they're colourful as they look more galaxy like! The most important part of the look is the giltter and sparkly nail polish that you put on top. 

1. You want to start out with completely black nails, don't worry if it's a little messy.

2.You then want to put some of the nail varnish and dab patches of it on each nail. You then want to do the same thing but using different colours. Remember to only do patches and not cover the whole nail!
(You can see my sponge has old nail varnish on each corner, keep going round the sponge with different colours dabbing it on the nail!) 

This is roughly how it should look (it doesn't have to be this colour that you use to start off with, but the patches should be in different place/sizes etc on each nail.) 

3.This is how some of my nails looked once I had done a second colour . Gold is a good colour to use to make it have a starry feel to it!

4. This is how it looks once it's done, all that is left is to add the glittery nail varnish to look like stars. The colours I used over the black were blue, gold, red and purple. The purple is probably the most important colour to make it look more galaxy-like! I always do the purple last so that this is the most obvious colour in the end.
This is roughly how it should look! There is no right or wrong way to do this. Don't worry if around your nails looks a bit messy, it's hard to keep the sponge in the right place. Try and get a super sparkly nail varnish as this will always make it look more effective! 

That's basically all I do, maybe finish with a top coat for extra shine and tidy up around the nail so it looks more precise.
Again, don't worry if it looks messy or if it looks bad at first.. it won't look very interesting until you add the sparkly nail varnish!

Let me know if you tried this or if you have any questions,
 Have fun! :) xx